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Start to meditate

Hi there,

In this blog I want to share with you, how you can start your meditation practice. So if you are new to meditation or you want to know more about meditation, this is the right blogpost to read.

Hope you will enjoy. If you have questions after reading this. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Choose a meditation exercise

When you are new to meditation it is sometimes hard to do it without a teacher present. In these days there are lot of different meditation apps available. I use the medication app :”insight timer”. There you can find guided meditations. There are a lot of different ones out here so choose the one that suites you. You can also find youtube video’s of guided meditation.

If you are new to meditation and you would like to this on your own, I would like to recommend you to start with a breathing exercise. Here’s a transcript of what you can do:

  • Breath in for 4 counts

  • Pause for 4 counts

  • Breath out for 4 counts

  • ·ause for 4 counts

  • Keep on repeating the cycle for about 10 minutes.

Do this exercise whenever you want in your day.

And most important choose what is right for you. You can also try different things out. Some things you will like and other you will dislike.

Find a quiet place

For a nice and comfortable meditation practice, it is important to find a quiet place without any clutter. A place where you do not get disturbed. Make sure your phone is turned of and that other people in your house know that you are meditating.

You can turn on some music that calms you before you start your practice.

Choose the right meditation posture

The right meditation posture is a important key for a longer, comfortable and steady meditation practice. I wrote a hole blog on this subject. Check It out here: "meditation postures"


When you first start your meditation practice, start small. Do not make yourself stay in there for 30 minutes. You want to make sure that you keep a steady daily practice.

Start with a few minutes breathing each day. Just focus on your breathing. Or you can do the exercise above in point 1. Choose a meditation exercise.

After doing this you can gradually increase the time of the meditation practice.

If you want to keep a steady meditation practice you can set a timer but make sure that it does not get you out of balance. In the insight timer app you can choose a gong to ring when it is the end of the practice.

5. Affirmations

When you are sitting in meditation start your practice with an affirmation by saying to yourself or out loud:

“I am steady as a rock”
“I am becoming motionless like a statue”

This way the asana will become more steady and comfortable after a period of time. You can also make another affirmations that is more suitable for you.

When the meditation practice becomes more natural you can use other affirmations of the things you want in your life. I can be a life long mantra of something you wish you want in yourself or in life. For example: “I am good enough”, “I am calm and relaxed”,…

6. Challenges in meditation

You can find different challenges in meditation practices:

  • Thoughts are coming in to your mind => it is okay, it all happens to us. Just make sure that you go back to focussing on your meditation practices.

  • You body is in pain => then this is not the right meditation posture for you. Next time when you meditate, try a different posture until you find the right one.

If you are having a lot of stress, meditation is the right fit for you. You do not need to be calm when you meditate. Meditation does that for you.

7. Short summary

a) Choose a meditation exercise

b) Find a quiet place

c) Choose the right meditation posture

d) Set the time

e) Start your practice and use an affirmation

I hope this will help you on your journey. See you next week with a new blog.

Have a nice day and Namasté from Yogista,


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