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Sankalpa: What is it?

Hi there,

Another week has passed by and it is time for a new blog. This week I am writing about the Sankalpa we make during the Yoga Nidra. If you are not familiar with the Yoga Nidra, you can read the blogpost I made earlier. Follow this link

What is a Sankalpa?

Sankalpa is a word in Sanskrit and it means will, purpose, resolve. It is a seed that we plant during the yoga Nidra in our subconscious.

The Sankalpa is a positive word or sentence. It should also be short and simple otherwise it will not enter our subconscious mind.

A Sankalpa is a powerful method to change the direction of your life. Your Sankalpa is the creator of your destiny but you need to be willing and you need to know what you want. When you know what you want, you can make it into a Sankalpa. Be sure that you listen to your heart.

Types of Sankalpa

There are 2 different types of a Sankalpa. A short term Sankalpa and a long term Sankalpa.

Short term Sankalpa

A short term Sankalpa is a an area in your life where you need improvement. So take your note book and close your eyes. Sit in a comfortable position. Breath a couple of times in and out. Place your hands onto your heart. Think about your life and where it needs to have improvement. See in your heart what you really want in your life. Who do you want to be? Write them down. And then we can make a positive, short and simple Sankalpa.

Let’s say that you might have anxiety and you freak out when things change. You Sankalpa can be: “I am calm and relaxed”, “I have trust and faith”,…

But it can also be other things that you want to improve in your life. The one thing that you cannot change with your Sankalpa is others and how they act or behave. Keep that in mind. The Sankalpa is just for you and what you want.

Here are some examples sentences for a Sankalpa:

· I am calm

· I am fine

· I am beautifull

· I am happy

· I have trust and faith

· ….

You can also pick a word.

· Calm

· Happiness

· Relaxed

· Trust

· …

Long term Sankalpa

A long term Sankalpa is used to create your dream future. You visualise with closed eyes what your future looks like, how you are, how your surroundings are, what you are wearing... You can visualise anything. You don’t have to think about how you are going to get there or if it is even possible to get there or do this. You just visualize your future. Anything is possible.

How long should you practice the same Sankalpa?

Short term Sankalpa

You should practice the same Sankalpa over and over again until it becomes true in your life. Then you can choose another short term Sankalpa. You can work on 3 Sankalpas at the same time.

Long term Sankalpa

You can practice your long term Sankalpa anytime you want and as much as you want. The more you focus on, the more it will become clear.

Difficulties with the long term Sankalpa

Some people have difficulties of seeing there long term Sankalpa. I know that I have. Every time that I did my long term Sankalpa I blocked, get a panic attack but slowly I let my intuition guide me towards a vision. It started with a small picture frame and now the more I do it, the more frames are coming towards me.

If you are having troubles with your long term Sankalpa, you can make the following Sankalpa: “I am clear in my Sankalpa”.

I hope this will help you on your journey and if you need any help? Send me an e-mail and I will get back to you.

See you next week with a new blog.

Have a nice day and Namasté from Yogista,


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