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New year, new intentions



A new year gives us the time to reflect the past year 2020. What a year it has been. When I think of the past year, I think of the Yoga Retreat in Goa (India) I went to in February. And then came the Covid-19 in Belgium, where everything shut down on the 16th of march.

I felt different kinds of feelings like sadness, anger, happiness and joy. During the lock-down period in march I was only allowed to work temporarily. At the beginning I was so sad and had a lot of anger because I bought a appartement that needed to be payed of. But when all the mixed feelings settled down I accepted it and found so much time to do things that I never had time for because I was always so busy. In the pandemic I made a funny movie of all the feelings that I had felt.

I also found time to work on myself, to read, learn new things and to create. When we drop everything we make room for something else. When we still ourselves, then becomes space and where there is space, the creativity rises and let’s us move forward and create new things.

We are already a few days in the year 2021. Every year I make a list of intentions for the upcoming year. For this year my new intentions are:

  • Following my heart

  • Do things that give me energy and make a list of all these things

  • Work on myself

  • Deepen my yoga practice

  • Cross a few things of my bucket list

One of the things that fall under following my heart is that I am starting a blog. I want to help others on there journey to a healthier life. I know when I first started googling about “life changing”, I noticed that there was lots of information out there, it was overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start. So I want the help you in my own way what helped me on my journey. My blog covers 2 topics: "Healthy lifestyle" & "personal growth". These are 2 things that I am passionate about and have lots of things to chare. I will be writing a blog every week with a different topic. The blogs with be released every Monday morning.

What are your intentions for the upcoming year? If you want the intentions to come from the heart do this exercise.

  • Sit in a comfortable position. It can be on a chair or seated on your yoga mat.

  • Make sure your spin is straight.

  • Place your hands Hridaya mudra on your knees.

  • Close your eyes.

  • Start with a couple of natural breaths in and out.

  • On the next breath in, pull up your shoulders to your ears. Drop the shoulders when your breath out. Repeat this a couple of times.

  • Take the natural breath.

  • Place your hands on your heart. Feel your heart. Feel your heart beating. Focus now on your breathing. Breathe in to the nose and breath out through the mouth. Let go of what no longer is serving you. Repeat this a couple of times.

  • Now make a connection with your heart. What does your heart want? This answer can only come from you. No one else. Be aware of your heart. What things pop into your mind? Stay here for a few minutes

  • Place your hand again in Hridaya mudra on your knees.

  • Stay here a few breaths.

  • Rub the palms of your hands until you feel heath in the palms of your hands.

  • Place your hands on your face and feel the warmth of your hands onto your face.

  • Give a massage to your face. Start on your forehead, temples, under the eyes, cheeks and chin.

  • Place your hands into your lap.

  • Blink your eyes open.

  • Write down what your intentions are.