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A healthy lifestyle

Hi everyone,

This blog today is about a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can mean a lot of things. And is for everyone different. So my question to you is, what are your thoughts of a healthy lifestyle? Just think about it. You can write them in de comments or if you want to talk, just send me an e-mail.

If you are pursuing a healthy lifestyle, it is not only important to eat healthy and exercise. It is also feeling good in the body and mind. Those are also crucial parts. In this blog I will be discussing more about the general points and in the future I will write more in detail for specific subjects.

When I think of a healthy lifestyle, I think of

  • Healthy food

  • Movement

  • Relationships with other and myself

  • Sleep

And probably there are a lot more than above.

Healthy food

This is a difficult subject because there are a lot of different theories about what is healthy food and what is not. Because I come from a scientific back ground as a dietitian I am talking more about that point of view and the current recommendations of Belgium (

The recommendation for eating healthy are visually explained in the food triangle.

I find this visually very easy to see what you should eat more and less off. In the description below I have tried to explain a little more of how much you should eat of each category.

Category 1:

  • Drink mainly water: 1.5 litres a day.

Category 2:

  • Lots of vegetables: Try to eat 300 g a day. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals.

  • Lots of fruits: 2-3 pieces a day.

  • Choose whole grain bread, products and potatoes: 125 g a day. They contain fibres that will help with the bowls.

  • Nuts and seeds: a small handfull.

  • Vegetarian replacements: Legumes, tofu, tempé, seitan, mycoprotein: at least 1 time a week.

  • Oils and fats: one big spoon per person. 1 knifepoint per piece of bread. Try to alternate.

Category 3:

  • Fish: max. 2 times a week

  • Dairy products and alternatives: 250-500ml a day. They contain vitamin B12 and B2.

  • Eggs

  • Meat: eat max. 300g red meat a week and max. 30 procced meat. Choose mainly white meats

Recommendations that we should eat less are:

· Oils and fats: hard margarine

· Meat: eat max. 300g red meat a week and max. 30 procced meat. Choose mainly white meats

Recommendations outside the food triangle we should eat as minimal as possible.

· Cookies

· Candy

· Alcohol

· Soft drinks

· Pizza

· Frensh fries

· …

This is a short summary of what is healthy food. In the upcoming weeks I will talk more in detail about the different categories.


Movement is so important for our health and has a lot of benefits. Movement:

  • Improves blood flow

  • Improves concentration and productivity

  • Improves cholesterol levels

  • Healthier weight

  • Makes the muscles and bones stronger

  • Is better for your lungs

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • ….

If you have a seated profession, you should stand up every 30 minutes and just stand up or do a little walk. In some company’s they also have a standing conference room. So use this one. It is so important for our blood flow to move.